Corporate Yoga

Bring the studio environment to your office. I provide yoga in your work setting, bringing props, essential oils, and music to transform the space to a yoga studio. To inquire about how to start an office yoga program, please contact me at Currently offering this service to, San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos, Willow Glen, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and the surrounding Bay Area.

Now offering Office Chair Yoga
Want to offer yoga to your employees but don’t have the space? No problem, employees can enjoy yoga from their office desks or in a conference room using chairs. Standing and seated postures are incorporated to provide way to reduce stress in the office place. Please call today to schedule chair yoga at your workplace.

Yoga at the Office-My Experience
I took my first yoga class at the office 17 years ago when I worked for Time Magazine. A yoga instructor would come to our conference room for 1 hour during our 10 hour shift. After the one hour class, I always felt refreshed and energetic. I was ready to go back to work and finish my long day.

Call to schedule a consultation for your office today at 408-409-2481 or email